Yes, you – I’m talking to you. Don’t do it!  

I mean, sure get married – I’m all for that that part –
just don’t do it at 3pm on a Saturday! 

What do you have against Sunday or Friday night,  or  – heaven help us – Wednesday?

According to a recent survey by Easy Weddings, 62% of Australian weddings in 2016 were on Saturday, then Friday was the next popular with 15% and poor Monday only had 2%.* OK, we kind of understand the reluctance to celebrate on a Monday. 

I get that the traditional Saturday 3pm is probably convenient for some of the population. For those that have office jobs it means that there is no need to take time off work; you get the morning to get ready, and most importantly,
the Sunday to recover.

However statistics show that less than 30% of the population work in a Monday to Friday 9-5 job. Think shop assistants, firefighters, nurses and Mums!   Even so, this is your BIG DAY, surely if you gave your loved ones 6 months notice ​they would take a day off.

In my experience, most couples don’t know what day of the week it is when they tie the knot, either because they have taken time off to prepare, or simply because
​they are in their own bubble of celebrations.

So it is possible to have a non-Saturday 3pm wedding – but why would you?

Wedding Wednesday for R+N

Well, to start most venues have more dates available mid-week as well as a mid-week discount. Some venues are booked during wedding season 2 years in advance – how ever going mid-week might mean you get your dream location sooner than you thought. You will also get your pick of other suppliers too; the hairdresser,  that photographer, the florist. 

During the week there will be less messing about with family and sport commitments. In fact, there will be less traffic around venues during the day. Have you ever tried to get a park at the beautiful Fitzroy Gardens when there is a blockbuster at the G?  

Flights for your guests and honeymoon will be cheaper mid-week too.
And also more accommodation options.

The bottom line is – if you friends and family are excited that you are getting married – they will want to be there and celebrate with you – no matter what day it is!

And besides, everyone loves a good excuse to take the day off work don’t they? 

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