Getting Legally Married!

What is a Legal Marriage?

At Getting Married Here we figure you want to be legally married, kind of the point, right?

A “Legals only”, Elopement or Registry-style marriage is a very simplified version of a traditional wedding, usually with less than 8 guests, often just the 2 witnesses that are required.

The actual ceremony includes the 120 minimum required words plus you have the option of writing your own vows to each other and exchanging rings + kiss if you wish.

Given that this service includes a simple ceremony with only the legal words, instead of a fully personalised ceremony which takes time, meetings and expertise to create, we are able to offer “Legals only” marriages at a reduced rate.

Why have a “legals only” ceremony?

  • You are wanting to be legally married in Australia before heading overseas for a wedding (the overseas wedding being a non-legal commitment ceremony)
  • You are a no fuss, let’s get this done type of couple that don’t need or want all the hype. Maybe you hate crowds, dislike being the centre of attention or just dislike people … besides you partner  in general.
  • One of you is here on a fiancĂ© visa and you need to be married to proceed.
  • You want your marriage to be a secret or at least a surprise when you share the news at a later date.
  • Something has mucked up your big wedding plans (l’m looking at you, Covid!) and your celebration has had to move but you still want to be married on that date. Like N+M who’s wedding rings had already been engraved.
  • While you want to get married, your current budget doesn’t stretch to a epic food/booze fest for your family and friends, though it might one day and you can invite them to your renewal.

Ready to get legally married?

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